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Raccoons Making Themself at Home
Saturday, November 28, 2009

People ask us all the time, "Hey awesome Wildlife Solutions guys, how am I supposed to know if I have an animal problem?" We usually explain that the clues can be subtle and hard to find, sometimes requiring an expert inspection to uncover the truth. But in the case of one Orlando homeowner, the answer was quite different. It went something like, "You know you have a wildlife problem when the raccoons have literally worn a path into the grass leading from the woods directly up to your front porch." Not only was the evidence at this home as "in your face" as getting whacked by steel chair in a wrestling match, but we think the raccoons were about a week away from hanging miniature hammocks and installing a margarita machine.

See, raccoons are creatures of habit. If they find a way to get one of their needs met, they'll repeat the behavior. In this instance, the need for food was met by walking up to this guy's front porch every day and eating cat food that was left outside. Not only did the raccoons come back so frequently that they wore a trail into the lawn, but they started inviting friends and family, and even training their offspring. After a while, the homeowner ended up with several generations of raccoons visiting his front door each day.

The moral of the story is: if you see signs of wildlife activity in or around your home, act swiftly. Call a wildlife professional and have the problem solved before some wrestler in tights has to point out the obvious. In other words, handle it before a group of raccoons make their own sidewalk to your front door.