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Beaver 250 - The Christian Agnew Story
Thursday, April 01, 2010

Christian Agnew of Wildlife Solutions has officially captured his 250th beaver! That's right. It's a milestone every trapper worth their weight strives to reach. Now, while Paramount Pictures didn't seem to think it was as big of a deal as we do, we still made an awesome promo video for the upcoming movie "Beaver 250". Check it out to the left in our WS TV section. Once again, congratulations to Christian, who's beaver accomplishment ranks third only behind Daniel Boone and Davie Crockett. Everyone at Wildlife Solutions is really pumped for him...except for Steve DeMoor. But that's only because fifteen years ago Steve made a bet that if Christian ever caught his 250th beaver he'd name his first son "Beaver." Beaver DeMoor. Wow. Sorry buddy, school's gonna be rough.